Why Use Khusa?

If you are in a group with your friends saving for that special occassion like groceries or to buy a plot, vehicle etc, then you don’t have to use that excelsheet anymore. Khusa allows you to do all your operations including loans, welfare and contributions with transparency at the core of it. Create a group wallet and transact with it to send member contributions directly using mobile money, disburse loans directly to a member wallet.

What Khusa can do for you

With the new rich features you can perfom many tasks.

Member/group payments made easy

Now integrated with mobile money for any payments made by members and groups. It's simple and easy!

Group reconciliations

Make your group contribution via mobile money and let Khusa handle accounting for you.

Control member access

Allow access to your group for only your group members with ease thereby protecting your data and funds.

Reports at glance

Generate reports for all your group transactions for transparency and accountability

How you can benefit from Khusa

There are many ways your group can also benefit from this simplified platform.

Save time.

Let Khusa do the math and all the work for you while you focus on other activities.



Enhance your group transaparency with member access to all group records at a click of a button.



Khusa is built with security at the heart of it, making sure only members have access to it with our OTP capabilities for all transactions.

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